Objects & Places from Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
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This item is a family heirloom given to a character on what appears to be a whim, but later proves to be an act of significance.

Healing Ring

This item is an ordinary piece of jewelry that has been transformed into a charm by a spirit user. This item is used to help heal a character of the darkness associated with spirit use.

Silver Stakes

This item is the main defense guardians have against Strigoi as it is one of only three ways in which a Strigoi can be killed.

Decorated Silver Stake

This item is a special weapon that some long dead guardian lost to the Strigoi. A character takes this item and uses it against a former lover in hopes of rescuing this person from the Strigoi form, but later this item is returned to the wielder after the attack on the Strigoi fails.

Spirit User

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