Blood Promise Fun Activities

Richelle Mead
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Create a collage using pictures from the Internet or old magazines that depicts one of the themes of "Blood Promise".

Diorama of St. Vlad's.

Create a diorama of your favorite scene that takes place at St. Vlad's. Make sure all pieces of the diorama a proportionate.

Diorama of Moscow

Create a diorama of Moscow that depicts some of the buildings Rose mentions in the novel.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle that uses vocabulary words from and inspired by "Blood Promise".

Create a word search puzzle that uses vocabulary words from and inspired by the novel.

Diary Entries

Write some diary entries that Rose might have written during her search for Dimitri in Siberia.


Write an obituary that might have appeared in a Moroi newspaper after Dimitri was turned Strigoi.

Memorial Story

Write a short story about Dimitri that might have been told by...

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