Blood Promise Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Richelle Mead
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Rose Hathaway? What is a dhampir? What special abilities does this race possess? How does Rose use her training and her special abilities to fight Strigoi? Why is Rose in Russia? Who is Rose searching for? What has Rose given up in order to be in Russia at this time? Why has Rose taken this risk? How does Rose hope to accomplish her goals in Russia? Why does she continuously visit a local nightclub known to be a hangout of Moroi? What does Rose hope to gain from these visits?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Sydney? What tattoo does Sydney have on her face? What special abilities does this tattoo give to Sydney? What is the definition of alchemist? Why is Sydney and her kind called Alchemists? What is Sydney's primary function in the vampire world? Why does Sydney seek out Rose? Why does Sydney...

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