Blood Promise Character Descriptions

Richelle Mead
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Rose Hathaway

This character is a dhampir who spends the majority of the novel attempting to locate a specific Strigoi in order to fulfill a promise made long ago. However, this character is doomed to failure due to an emotional attachment to who this Strigoi once was. This character also has a mental bond with another character, allowing this character to check in often and know what is happening back at school.

Dimitri Belikov

This character was forcefully turned into a Strigoi vampire in a previous novel in this series. This character was once a teacher and lover to another character who is trying to fulfill a promise not to allow this character to continue living as a Strigoi.

Lissa Dragomir

This character is the last remaining member of a royal Moroi family. This character has a mental bond with another character in the novel due to the...

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