Blood Promise Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richelle Mead
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Prologue and Chapters 1-5

• The prologue describes the different vampires that populate the novel and the differences between them.

• The narrator tells the reader how her lover was turned into a Strigoi in a previous novel, while attempting to rescue students who had been taken by Strigoi during an attack on their school.

• The narrator tells the reader how she and her lover once discussed Strigoi and how they would not want to live that way. This is why the narrator says she has decided to find and kill her lover.
• Rose is in Russia where she has been trying to find information on a dhampir village in Siberia where her former lover, Dimitri, might have gone after turning Strigoi.

• Rose is followed out of a nightclub by a human, and they are both attacked by a Strigoi.

• After defeating the Strigoi, Rose goes off with the human...

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