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Short Answer Questions

1. What gives a person understanding?

2. What does a wise man do?

3. What does Antonio accuse Pedro of doing to Ultima?

4. What does Antonio wonder after Andrew leaves with his brothers for Santa Fe in Chapter 15?

5. What are the boys doing in walled portion of Blue Lake which they were forbidden?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Bless Me Ultima has been compared to James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. How does Catholicism influence Bless Me, Ultima? Does one have to be Catholic to understand Bless Me, Ultima? Why or why not? What other religion could be substituted in place of Catholic icons, images and people?

Essay Topic 2

Bless Me Ultima has been perceived as a type of American western. There are episodes connecting with the theme of manifest destiny (belief held by many Americans in the 1840s that the United States was destined to expand across the continent, by force, as used against Native Americans, if necessary). How does the novel fit into the American western genre? What role do Gabriel, Narcisco, Eugene, Andrew and Leon play in this theme? Are there other characters who personify these themes and genres?

Essay Topic 3

Rudolfo Anaya, the author, believes the supernatural and ordinary reality exist side by side. What are some examples of the supernatural in the novel? What are examples of ordinary reality in the novel? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain why or why not.

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