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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Antonio see when he looked at the northern blue skies?
(a) Two hawks circling.
(b) Ultima's owl thrashing.
(c) The Virgin's horned moon.
(d) A winged bruja.

2. What does Ultima believe would do Antonio much good after seeing much death?
(a) Find the golden carp.
(b) Visit his brothers.
(c) See growing life.
(d) Watch the moon journey from east to west.

3. Where os Christ on Easter Sunday?
(a) In the chalice.
(b) In the burning incense.
(c) In the church bells.
(d) In the lighted candles.

4. What does Narcisco warn the Marez family?
(a) Tenorio is blaming Ultima for his daughter's death.
(b) The moon will not journey from east to west.
(c) Montano, Manuelito and Cruz Sedilla are coming to steal their horses.
(d) The town is sinking into the river.

5. What three individuals does Antonio dream about in Chapter 22?
(a) Maria, Ultima and Miss Maestas.
(b) Narcisco, Lupito and Florence.
(c) Manuelito, Tenorio and Tellez.
(d) Eugene, Andrew and Leon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shoots Tenorio?

2. Why do old people refuse to let their children speak English?

3. What question does Antonio have about God?

4. Why does a state policeman bring Eugene and Leon home?

5. Why is Tenorio rageful and threatening to harm Ultima?

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