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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Antonio wonder after Andrew leaves with his brothers for Santa Fe in Chapter 15?
(a) Andrew broke up with his girlfriend.
(b) Andrew needed money.
(c) The death of Narcisco influenced Andrew's decision.
(d) Andrew was fired from his job at Allen's Market.

2. What is a scapular?
(a) A small pouch with the pciture of the Virgin or St. Joseph.
(b) A kitchen utensil.
(c) A fish that swims upstream with the golden carp.
(d) A small hoe.

3. What does Antonio do when Florence's body was pulled to the shore?
(a) Pray the rosary.
(b) Hear everyone's confession.
(c) Perform CPR.
(d) Recite an Act of Contrition.

4. What does Antonio kiss?
(a) Father Byrnes hands.
(b) Jesus' feet on a small crucifix.
(c) Rosary beads.
(d) Confessional wood.

5. Where os Christ on Easter Sunday?
(a) In the chalice.
(b) In the lighted candles.
(c) In the burning incense.
(d) In the church bells.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ultima's owl do to Tenorio?

2. What are the holiest robes?

3. What does Tellez tell Gabriel about the time he ran into Tenorio in an El Puerto saloon?

4. What is Antonio's duty now that he was a Christian?

5. What does Cico tell Tony he must do for himself?

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