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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Antonio see when he looked at the northern blue skies?
(a) A winged bruja.
(b) Ultima's owl thrashing.
(c) The Virgin's horned moon.
(d) Two hawks circling.

2. Why does Tenorio believe Ultima had cursed his dead daughter?
(a) His other daughters blame Ultima for her death.
(b) He finds Ultima's herbs in his daughter's bedroom.
(c) He finds Ultima's owl preparing a nest beside his daughter's bedroom window.
(d) He finds Ultima's stringed bag under his daughter's bed.

3. What does Antonio dream about after visiting Aqua Negra?
(a) The golden carp.
(b) His three brothers.
(c) Tellez.
(d) Ultima.

4. What is Narcisco trying to tell Andrew?
(a) Warn him that the snowstorm was getting worse.
(b) Tell him that Antonio needing to be guided home.
(c) Tell him that he should leave Rosie's house.
(d) Warn his family that Tenorio is going to kill Ultima.

5. What does Tellez tell Gabriel about the time he ran into Tenorio in an El Puerto saloon?
(a) Tenorio said insulting things to Tellez.
(b) Tenorio sought revenge for la Grande.
(c) Tenorio planned to kidnap Antonio.
(d) Tenorio planned to seek revenge for Gabriel.

6. What do the children want Antonio to?
(a) Force him to attend the Stations of the Cross.
(b) Force him to be the first in the confessional line.
(c) Force him to kiss the small crucifix.
(d) Force him to hear other's confession.

7. Why does a state policeman bring Eugene and Leon home?
(a) Their car caught fire.
(b) They fell in a ditch.
(c) Their bus broke down.
(d) They couldn't walk on the ice.

8. What are the holiest robes?
(a) Virgen's blue robe and the cloth with the face of Christ.
(b) Narcisco and Lupito's burial shroud.
(c) Father Byrnes priest vestments.
(d) Ultima's shawl and Antonio's mother's smock.

9. What is a scapular?
(a) A small pouch with the pciture of the Virgin or St. Joseph.
(b) A kitchen utensil.
(c) A fish that swims upstream with the golden carp.
(d) A small hoe.

10. What sin did God commit for Florence?
(a) He forced him to endure the children's Indian torture.
(b) He allowed his mother to drink and his father to die.
(c) He took his mother and father away when he needed them.
(d) He gave him his sisters.

11. In his dream, what does God tell Antonio about forgiveness?
(a) God forgives all no matter one's personal whims.
(b) God forgives only the good.
(c) God chooses who will be punished.
(d) God strikes the wicked.

12. Where is Tenorio hiding waiting to ambush Narcisco?
(a) Rosie's house.
(b) School playground.
(c) Town bar.
(d) Narcisco's garden.

13. What does Ultima tell the men to make to ward off the evil curse?
(a) Yerba de la vivora brush laced with herbs.
(b) A four posted platform made of cedar to burn.
(c) Juniper branches next to a damp casket.
(d) A juniper platform to put a dead body.

14. When does Antonio make his First Communion?
(a) Holy Saturday.
(b) Easter Monday.
(c) Easter Sunday.
(d) Good Friday.

15. What does the priest do when Tenorio arrives with his daughter's funeral procession?
(a) Offer a holy scapular.
(b) Make a sign of the cross.
(c) Bar the entrance.
(d) Unlock the campo santo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Antonio tell Tenorio will happen if he harms Ultima?

2. What is the ceremony the priest participated in, in the altar?

3. Who drives to Guadalupe to warn Ultima that Tenorio was coming to get her?

4. What does Antonio see in his nightmares in Chapter 16?

5. Where will Antonio be spending his upcoming summer.

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