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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ultima tell the men to make to ward off the evil curse?
(a) Juniper branches next to a damp casket.
(b) A four posted platform made of cedar to burn.
(c) Yerba de la vivora brush laced with herbs.
(d) A juniper platform to put a dead body.

2. What is Narcisco trying to tell Andrew?
(a) Warn his family that Tenorio is going to kill Ultima.
(b) Tell him that Antonio needing to be guided home.
(c) Warn him that the snowstorm was getting worse.
(d) Tell him that he should leave Rosie's house.

3. What happens to Ultima in Antonio's dream in Chapter 13?
(a) She flies away with the owl.
(b) She dies.
(c) She turns into a carp.
(d) She leaves for the llano.

4. What does Narcisco warn the Marez family?
(a) Tenorio is blaming Ultima for his daughter's death.
(b) The town is sinking into the river.
(c) The moon will not journey from east to west.
(d) Montano, Manuelito and Cruz Sedilla are coming to steal their horses.

5. In his dream, what does God tell Antonio about forgiveness?
(a) God chooses who will be punished.
(b) God forgives only the good.
(c) God forgives all no matter one's personal whims.
(d) God strikes the wicked.

6. Why is Tenorio rageful and threatening to harm Ultima?
(a) His dead daughter was not properly buried.
(b) He's having vision problems.
(c) His second daughter is dying.
(d) He does not have a job.

7. What does Antonio do when Florence's body was pulled to the shore?
(a) Recite an Act of Contrition.
(b) Perform CPR.
(c) Hear everyone's confession.
(d) Pray the rosary.

8. What three individuals does Antonio dream about in Chapter 22?
(a) Narcisco, Lupito and Florence.
(b) Eugene, Andrew and Leon.
(c) Maria, Ultima and Miss Maestas.
(d) Manuelito, Tenorio and Tellez.

9. Why are the Marez family members excited to leave for El Puerto?
(a) It was the first time Ultima had journeyed with them.
(b) It was the first time their father came with them.
(c) It was Antonio's first trip since meeting the golden carp.
(d) It was the first time they would see Lucas.

10. What does Antonio see in his nightmares in Chapter 16?
(a) Tenorio shooting Ultima.
(b) Tenorio's dead daughter.
(c) Ultima lying in a coffin.
(d) The owl plucking Tenorio's other eye.

11. What does Tony think would happen after his received the communion host?
(a) He would receive a new rosary.
(b) He would begin his education for priesthood.
(c) Florence would believe in God.
(d) His questions to God will be answered.

12. What does Cico tell Tony he must do for himself?
(a) Decide which pagan god to worship.
(b) Decide how to bully Horse and Abel.
(c) Decide whether or not to become a priest.
(d) Decide where to look for the golden carp.

13. What does Ultima believe would do Antonio much good after seeing much death?
(a) Find the golden carp.
(b) Visit his brothers.
(c) Watch the moon journey from east to west.
(d) See growing life.

14. When does Antonio make his First Communion?
(a) Easter Monday.
(b) Easter Sunday.
(c) Holy Saturday.
(d) Good Friday.

15. Why does Antonio's mother guard Ultima from those looking for her help?
(a) She was afraid Tenorio would harm her.
(b) She didn't care for the villagers.
(c) She knew Ultima was getting older.
(d) She wanted Ultima to stay close to Antonio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where will Antonio be spending his upcoming summer.

2. What does Antonio do every Saturday since Easter?

3. Who is with Narcisco when he takes his last breath?

4. What does a wise man do?

5. Why does Tenorio believe Ultima had cursed his dead daughter?

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