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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the foot race, by how many minutes did the Bedwetters beat the Apaches?
(a) By 4 minutes.
(b) By 8 minutes.
(c) By 6 minutes.
(d) By 2 minutes.

2. What do the Bedwetters assume the final fence will be made of?
(a) Stone.
(b) Barbed wire.
(c) Steel.
(d) Wood.

3. Who recommended Box Canyon Boys' Camp to Teft's father?
(a) The headmistress of his school.
(b) The head of the police department.
(c) The school psychologist.
(d) The paperboy.

4. Which of the Bedwetters climbs up into the catwalk without warning or permission?
(a) Goodenow.
(b) Lally Two.
(c) Teft.
(d) Cotton.

5. How does Teft slow the rangers down, giving Cotton time to think about the fence?
(a) By driving the truck toward them.
(b) By shouting obscenities.
(c) Teft is unable to slow down the rangers.
(d) By shooting at them.

6. How do the Bedwetters react to the sight of the buffalo slaughter?
(a) They are excited and ask to join in the killing.
(b) They are sickened into silence.
(c) They beg to return to camp.
(d) They are confused but apathetic.

7. Which of the following participants did NOT shoot and kill a bull buffalo?
(a) A middle-aged woman with a telescopic rifle.
(b) An elderly woman in a wheelchair.
(c) A sixty-year-old doctor.
(d) A fourteen-year-old boy.

8. What is the morale of Teft's story about the piranha?
(a) Always finish what you start.
(b) Money is the root of all evil.
(c) It pays to be a big fish in a small pond.
(d) There are alway more fish in the sea.

9. Where was the alcohol stolen from?
(a) Wheaties' locker.
(b) The gas station.
(c) The camp director.
(d) The airplane.

10. How long was the buffalo hunt scheduled to last?
(a) Five days.
(b) Three days.
(c) One day.
(d) Seven days.

11. What lie did the Bedwetters tell on the day they successfully stole all five of the summer camp trophies?
(a) That the nurse's station was sinking in quicksand.
(b) That the horses had escaped from their stable.
(c) That the lifeguard was drowning at the beach.
(d) That the french fries had caught fire in the mess hall.

12. Where did Teft's relative dump the piranha when it grew too big for his aquarium?
(a) In the ocean.
(b) In a pond.
(c) In a river.
(d) In a lake.

13. How did Teft perform in school before coming to Box Canyon Boys' Camp?
(a) He graduated at the top of his class.
(b) He was quiet with an average performance.
(c) He was an underachiever.
(d) He dropped out of school.

14. Which of the following farm animals was Lally Two terrified of when he first arrived at camp?
(a) Cows.
(b) Pigs.
(c) Horses.
(d) Sheep.

15. After his story about the piranha, what does Cotton accuse Teft of doing?
(a) Driving in circles.
(b) Lying to him about the truck.
(c) Driving them too close to the ranger's house.
(d) Stealing the buffalo head.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the final chant of the Bedwetters at the close of the novel?

2. How did Teft manage to live his life as a petty thief without going to jail?

3. When the Bedwetters recount the buffalo, how many calves have joined the herd?

4. What was the success of the aforementioned Bar Mitzvah?

5. What are the buffalo fences constructed out of?

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