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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 15 & 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who brings the alcohol to the buffalo reserve?
(a) Goodenow.
(b) Lally One.
(c) Cotton.
(d) Teft.

2. What type of car does Lally One want to steal for the quest?
(a) A BMW.
(b) A Mercedes.
(c) A Cadillac.
(d) A Chevy.

3. How does Cotton feel about the resolve of his gang after the second vote?
(a) Determined.
(b) Apathetic.
(c) Prideful.
(d) Hopeless.

4. What does Lally Two accidentally leave behind at the buffalo reserve when he climbs aboard the truck?
(a) His radio.
(b) The buffalo head trophy.
(c) His pillow.
(d) The rifle.

5. When threats of retuning home arise in the vote, which Bedwetter promises to go on, completing the quest on his own?
(a) Shecker.
(b) Goodenow.
(c) Cotton.
(d) Lally Two.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which family member is Goodenow most close to?

2. At the time of the quest, how far away is the end of summer?

3. Who recommended Box Canyon Boys' Camp to Teft's father?

4. Where did Cotton first learn about "bumping"?

5. Which of the Bedwetters bonds most closely with the buffalo, speaking softly to them as they travel?

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