Bless the Beasts and Children Character Descriptions

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Cotton, John Cotton

This character is the leader of the Bedwetters and is the most mature of the group, taking on the roles of father figure, drill sergeant, cheerleader and savior according to the needs of the rest of the boys.

Teft, Lawrence Teft, III

This character is a charismatic delinquent with a long background of petty criminal activities, which comes in handy when the Bedwetters need a car stolen or a truck hotwired.

Goodenow, Gerald Goodenow

This character is an actual bedwetter with an unhealthy dependence on his mother and a dramatic penchant to threaten suicide.

Shecker, Sammy Shecker

This character is fat, obnoxious, and uses his Jewish heritage to further his sympathy as a victim.

Lally 1, Stephen Lally, Jr.

This character is the product of extremely neglectful parents and deep sibling rivalry that often comes out in violent outbursts, such as the outburst in which this...

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