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WWII Japanese Submarine I-40

This object carries the virus that would be acquired fifty years later by a character who wants to use the virus to plot the destruction of the United States.

WWII Japanese Submarine I-411

This object is discovered to have a second payload of viruses.


This two-person vessel is used to retrieve containers from a Japanese submarine.


These porcelain objects are used in Japanese submarines to transport viruses.


This object, owned by Kang Enterprises, was originally leased to another company and was used to lay cable.


A mythological animal that is part lion, part goat, and part serpent.

Chinese Junk

This is the floating home to the author of the book.

The Odyssey

This is a former offshore oil drilling rig which has been converted to a rocket-launching platform.

The Badger

This is a prototype vessel intended to help scientists...

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