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Lesson 1 (from Introduction | Chapter 1)


Introduction and Chapter 1: The introduction to the book deals with the possibility of biological warfare during WWII, followed by Chapter 1 which describes strange deaths on the Aleutian Islands in 2007. Students will examine the parallels between the two events.


1) One-on-one: In pairs, have students discuss (a) any possible links between what has happened in the Introduction and Chapter 1, and (b) the likelihood that the death of the meteorologists is due to a biological weapon.

2) Class discussion: Why is Tanaka so secretive about the cargo he loads on Ogawa's submarine? What is significant about the term "Makaze?" Does the concept of an "evil wind" support your speculation on what happens on the Aleutian Islands?

3) WWII vs. 2007: In the Introduction, a possible attack is thwarted. In Chapter 1, a possible attack has taken place. Based on the two incidents (potential or realized) occurring in the Introduction and Chapter 1, have...

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