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Planes, trains, and automobiles

List as many means of transportation as you can find in Black Wind. Beside each vehicle, write a one-sentence description of it and how it is used in the book.

What's an Odyssey?

Ships are traditionally given names. Why do you think the Odyssey received the name it did? Explain.

Today was uneventful

Imagine you are a crewman on board the Odyssey before Kang's men take it over. Write a two paragraph journal entry describing a typical day, like a ship's log.

Alternate history

Imagine what would have happened if the WWII Japanese attack on the mainland discussed in the book had been successful. Write a brief alternate history of the war had the bio/chemical weapon been used.

Cheesy dialogue

Some of the Cusslers' characters use dialogue that is strained at best. For instance, at one point Summer says, "The crew is trapped...

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