Black Wind Character Descriptions

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Dirk Pitt, Sr.

This character is the newly promoted Director of NUMA.

Dirk Pitt, Jr.

This character drives the submersible into the I-411 and gets it stuck.

Dae-jong Kang

This character's goal is to see North Korea take over South Korea so he can become more wealthy and influential.


This character acts as a Japanese Red Army terrorist and assassin.

Summer Pitt

This character is the daughter of the newly appointed Director of NUMA.

Al Giordino

This character is a short, stocky Italian who is able to sleep on demand and drive nearly anything.

Jack Dahlgren

This character flies the helicopter that is used to investigate the first appearance of cyanide poisoning being tested along the Aleutian Islands.

Sarah Matson

This character is a beautiful scientist with the CDC and is nearly killed at the beginning of the novel by toxic cyanide fumes.

St. Julien Perlmutter


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