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Introduction | Chapter 1

• Japanese submarine I-403 is given a weapon to be used against the United Stated during WWII.

• An American destroyer sinks the I-403.

• In 2007, two meteorologists die under mysterious circumstances on the Aleutian Islands.

• Scientists from the Center for Disease Control, investigating strange sea lion deaths, choke and collapse.

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

• Sarah, a CDC scientist, and two other scientists are rescued by Dirk Pitt and taken on board a NUMA ship.

• Dirk and Jack take a helicopter to investigate the island where Sarah was rescued, and their helicopter is fired upon and crashes into the ocean.

• A research vessel rescues Dirk and Jack.

Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

• In Japan, the U.S. ambassador and British ambassador to Japan are assassinated on a golf course.

• The NUMA research vessel returns to port and the three ailing scientists are sent to a hospital.

• Dirk, Sarah, and another scientist discuss the sea...

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