Daily Lessons for Teaching Black Pioneers of Science and Invention

Louis Haber
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


During the pre-teen years, Banneker became increasingly interested in mathematics. Examine Banneker's fascination, how it developed, and how it helped him in future years.


1. In small groups, research and discuss mathematics at the time of Banneker. Explain. Also, what was the educational climate like in Banneker's day? How did it compare to other parts of the world? Who helped Banneker with his mathematical education? What types of things did Banneker do to improve his mathematical prowess? How might Banneker react to today's educational methods?

2. Banneker used his math skills to venture in various related professions, such as surveying land. Research the profession. What is a surveyor? Why is the job important? When and where might you use a surveyor? How did Banneker's skills in surveying play a major part in the development of Washington, D.C. and the country as a whole? What might have...

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