Black Pioneers of Science and Invention Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Louis Haber
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Essay Topic 1

Louis Haber is credited with writing an unusual book dedicated to black pioneers and inventors. Explain why the book is so unusual. What prompted Haber to write it? Do you think the reason was a good one? What is your opinion of the book? What was the most interesting thing you learned from the book?

Essay Topic 2

Benjamin Banneker was a unique man that lived in Colonial times. Why was Banneker considered to be different than other blacks at the time? Examine Banneker's fascination with clocks and watches. What do you think inspired Banneker's interest in mathematics? How did Banneker develop his passion for mathematics? What were Banneker's experiences involving clocks?

Essay Topic 3

Banneker attended the Third Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Explain the reason for Banneker's attendance. Was it unusual for a black man to attend such a political function? Why was Banneker so interested in...

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