Black Pioneers of Science and Invention Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Louis Haber
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Chapters 1-3

• George Washington and Thomas Jefferson face failure on planning a capital city.

• Benjamin Banneker, a black surveyor, steps in to help the country.

• Banneker was a Quaker, born of white English and Royal African blood.
• The Bannekers lived on a farm.

• Banneker became fascinated with mathematics.

• Banneker became enthralled with making and repairing watches.

• The Banneker farm was devoted to growing wheat to help the Revolutionary soldiers.

• Banneker confronted Thomas Jefferson about owning slaves.

• Banneker attended the Third Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

• Banneker recreates plans to build Washington, D.C.

• Banneker introduces the Secretary of Peace.
• Norbert Rillieux showed promise early in his life.

• Rillieux's father was an inventor.

• Rillieux was sent to school in Paris.
• Rillieux worked on plans for a steam engine.

• Rillieux became interested in the sugar refining process.

• Rillieux revolutionized the process.

• Rillieux returned to Paris.
• Jan Earnst Matzeliger is most well...

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