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John Howard Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Griffin's observations, what do blacks do to make their lives better?
(a) Work together.
(b) Start new businesses.
(c) Put one another down.
(d) Work menial jobs.

2. How does Griffin's interaction on the way to dinner in the second section of the book affect him?
(a) He is worried because he does not have a driver's license.
(b) He is afraid his identity will be revealed.
(c) He wants to be left alone.
(d) He realizes he does not know how to fight.

3. According to Griffin in his conversation with Mr. Gayle, what situation will allow blacks to advance?
(a) The oppression of whites.
(b) Black acceptance of their social status.
(c) Equality in the job market.
(d) Equality in political positions.

4. In the third section, what area of town does Griffin walk through, looking at restaurants he is no longer allowed to enter?
(a) The Garden District.
(b) Carrollton.
(c) The University District.
(d) The French Quarter.

5. What does Griffin say is the biggest problem blacks have?
(a) Their lack of unity.
(b) Their relationship with whites.
(c) Their self respect.
(d) Their living conditions.

6. While Griffin is sitting in the public space during the third section of the book, what does the white man tell him?
(a) He welcomes him as a stranger.
(b) He is not allowed to sit there.
(c) He is homeless.
(d) He smells bad.

7. After Griffin leaves the school in the third section of the book, what type of transportation does he use?
(a) The bus.
(b) He walks.
(c) The trolley.
(d) The train.

8. Where does Griffin decide to eat dinner in the second section of the book?
(a) A cafe.
(b) The YMCA.
(c) A white restaurant.
(d) Sterling Williams' house.

9. What do Griffin and Mr. Gayle say whites believe about any steps blacks could take toward equality?
(a) Whites feel blacks will threaten the survival of the white race.
(b) Whites feel blacks should take steps toward equality.
(c) Whites feel blacks will threaten the survival of the black race.
(d) Whites feel blacks could never threaten the survival of the white race.

10. What major theme is introduced in the second section of the book?
(a) Hate within a group.
(b) Life and death.
(c) Solidarity among males.
(d) Hate between blacks and whites.

11. Why does a black widow pay attention to Griffin?
(a) She is attracted to his nice clothing.
(b) She senses something is suspicious about him.
(c) She thinks he is handsome.
(d) She believes he is her dead husband.

12. How do the other whites react to Griffin's interaction with the white woman on public transportation?
(a) They spit on him.
(b) They are angry.
(c) They leave.
(d) They ignore it.

13. Who helps Griffin darken his skin?
(a) The magazine owner.
(b) A doctor.
(c) His wife.
(d) A friend.

14. According to Griffin, what do Southern whites say about the relationship between blacks and whites?
(a) It is an invisible relationship.
(b) It is a healthy relationship.
(c) It is an abusive relationship.
(d) It is an unfair relationship.

15. At the beginning of the third section of the book, with whom does Griffin spend a lot of time?
(a) The doctor.
(b) Adelle Jackson.
(c) George Levitan.
(d) Sterling Williams.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sparks Griffin's questions about race?

2. What does Griffin say blacks use to be noticed?

3. How does Sterling react when Griffin reveals his identity?

4. How is Griffin treated by the first black people he meets?

5. In the second section of the book, who tells Griffin where he may use a bathroom and find a church?

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