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John Howard Griffin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through November 24- December 4, 1959 (pages 102-139).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why, as Griffin learns, should he not look at a white woman?
(a) It will be taken as a sexual advance.
(b) It will be taken as a compliment.
(c) It is considered friendly.
(d) It is considered a submissive gesture.

2. How old are the children of the black man who befriends Griffin in the sixth section of the book?
(a) All are babies.
(b) Nine to four months.
(c) Nine to eighteen.
(d) Ten to fifteen.

3. After the well-dressed black man leaves, what is the name of the man who sits next to Griffin?
(a) Whitey Jones.
(b) Tom Cunningham.
(c) Bill Williams.
(d) Marcus Plumblee.

4. How does P.D. East initially interact with Griffin?
(a) He is overjoyed and hugs him in public.
(b) He is shocked and awkward with him at first.
(c) He instantly recognizes Griffin and is friendly.
(d) He immediately closes the door in Griffin's face.

5. According to Griffin, how do white people in Mississippi view their relationship with blacks?
(a) They say they have a troubling relationship with blacks.
(b) They say they do not have blacks in their state.
(c) They say they do not interact with blacks at all.
(d) They say they have a good relationship with blacks.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Griffin's observations, what do blacks do to make their lives better?

2. While Griffin is traveling, where is the one place he says he feels safe?

3. At the start of the fourth section of the book, how much time has passed since Griffin became a black man?

4. At the start of the fourth section of the book, why is Sterling upset when Griffin goes to visit him?

5. Besides Sterling, with whom does Griffin eat lunch at the shoeshine stand?

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