Objects & Places from Black Like Me

John Howard Griffin
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This is the magazine in which the main character will publish articles about his tour through the south as a black man.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This is where the main character is first disguised as a black man.

New Orleans YMCA

This is where the main character has several important conversations with black leaders.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

This is the first city the main character travels to after he hears about the lynching of an upstanding black man.

Biloxi, Mississippi

This is a city that the main character passes through, and the city in which he begins to hitchhike.

Mobile, Alabama

The main character compares his experiences in this city as a black man with his former experiences in the city as a white man.

Montgomery, Alabama

This location is where the main character decides to pass back into white society.

Atlanta, Georgia

This location is one of...

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