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Lorene Cary
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Evans?
(a) Lorene's aunt.
(b) Lorene's teacher.
(c) Lorene's neighbor.
(d) Lorene's boss.

2. Who is Lorene?
(a) The main character's mother.
(b) The main character's daughter.
(c) The main character's friend.
(d) The main character of Black Ice.

3. What does Lorene say people thought about the first black teacher at St. Paul's?
(a) People hounded him out of his job.
(b) People were afraid of him.
(c) People loved him.
(d) People hated him.

4. What does Lorene's housemaster tell her about grades?
(a) That she is about to fail out.
(b) That she needs to work harder.
(c) That she is doing fine.
(d) That she needs to improve.

5. What does Lorene say, years later, has happened to the person she and her parents saw their first day at St. Paul's?
(a) She has gotten married and been given a promotion.
(b) She has been widowed and become depressed.
(c) She has moved on to a better position.
(d) He has moved back to his family in the Midwest.

6. How often do the students have assigned tables for meals?
(a) Seven days a week.
(b) Two days a week.
(c) Four days a week.
(d) Five days a week.

7. Where do Lorene and her parents pass through on their way to St. Paul's?
(a) New Haven slums.
(b) The South Bronx.
(c) Washington Heights.
(d) Harlem.

8. What does Lorene feel about the other white students?
(a) She understands their prejudices.
(b) She loathes them and misses her family.
(c) She feels like she becomes one of them.
(d) She finds it hard to relate to them.

9. How has Lorene maintained her ties to St. Paul's?
(a) She taught writing there.
(b) She worked as an alumni liaison.
(c) She worked there in the cafeteria.
(d) She worked there as an admissions officer.

10. What does Lorene feel she has done, by getting into St. Paul's?
(a) Entered white society as an equal.
(b) Made her family happy.
(c) Betrayed her friends.
(d) Escaped from the South.

11. Who is Mrs. Evans' husband?
(a) The first black man on the staff of the Philadelphia Bulletin.
(b) A student at St. Paul's.
(c) A teacher at St. Paul's.
(d) Lorene's boss.

12. What does the school suggest Lorene do?
(a) Come to New Hampshire early to familiarize herself with the area.
(b) Invest in nice clothes.
(c) Open a checking account.
(d) Get to know other black students.

13. What are Lorene's grades at the first mid-terms?
(a) Mediocre.
(b) Very good.
(c) Exceptionally good.
(d) Poor.

14. Who is Nana Hamilton?
(a) Lorene's teacher.
(b) Lorene's mother.
(c) Lorene's grandmother.
(d) Lorene's friend.

15. What does Lorene feel about the other students by November?
(a) Inspired.
(b) Bored.
(c) Awed.
(d) Afraid.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Lorene start to write about her experiences at St. Paul's?

2. What does Lorene say her feelings about calling St. Paul's were?

3. What stereotypes does Lorene hear about black people?

4. Who do Lorene and her family see when they wake up at Scudder House?

5. What is Lorene impressed by at the location of the meet and greet?

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