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Lorene Cary
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lorene say about black ice at the end of the novel?
(a) That she will keep her kids from skating on it.
(b) That she will teach her students to use it for their own good.
(c) That she will save her students from having to learn how to drive on it by experience.
(d) That she has never skated on it.

2. What is Lorene's little sister's feeling about Lorene staying at St. Paul's for school?
(a) She is hysterical.
(b) She is a mixture of all kinds of emotions.
(c) She is glad to be free of her older sister.
(d) She is beaming with pride.

3. What do Lorene and her parents see at the meet and greet?
(a) Images of the library and academic buildings at St. Paul's.
(b) Images of St. Paul's teachers and students.
(c) Slides of the campus of St. Paul's.
(d) Alumni and faculty from St. Paul's.

4. What does Lorene say St. Paul's effect on her was?
(a) It let her become comfortable in her black skin.
(b) It prepared her for being an adult, married woman.
(c) It let her escape her race while she was getting an education.
(d) It kept her in her black skin.

5. How does Lorene interpret her dreams?
(a) As a warning to stay inside her shell.
(b) As a warning to remember who she is.
(c) As a warning to open her mouth only when she can speak facts.
(d) As a warning not to befriend white girls.

6. What does Lorene say life at St. Paul's resembles for black students?
(a) Life in America.
(b) Life in the North.
(c) Life in modern times.
(d) Life as a worker in a capitalist economy.

7. What does Lorene do at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) Meet her roommates.
(b) Cry in her room.
(c) Go to dinner with the other students.
(d) Visit with the Rector.

8. How many kids does Lorene have?
(a) One son and two daughters.
(b) One son.
(c) One daughter.
(d) Two daughters.

9. What does Lorene say about her parents with regard to her going to school?
(a) They knew what kinds of sacrifices they were making for her education.
(b) They were afraid for her to go south.
(c) They were afraid for her to go north.
(d) They didn't have any idea what they were getting into.

10. What is St. Paul's looking for, in 1971?
(a) Southern students.
(b) Hispanic female students.
(c) Black female students.
(d) Black male students for sports teams.

11. Why do the white girls say that they don't say anything around Lorene?
(a) Because she is so innocent.
(b) Because she gets mad.
(c) Because she accuses them of being racist.
(d) Because she is so naïve.

12. In what way is Jimmy Hill notable to Lorene?
(a) He is very militant.
(b) He is very thin.
(c) He is very tall.
(d) He is very fat.

13. How does Lorene describe the black kids she meets at St. Paul's?
(a) White-looking.
(b) Militant.
(c) Subdued.
(d) Africanized.

14. What are Lorene's feelings about her classmates?
(a) She feels persecuted.
(b) She feels left out.
(c) She feels like a mascot.
(d) She feels like the pride of her school.

15. What does Lorene say is the white teachers' feeling about black students?
(a) They hold them to higher standards, for their own good.
(b) They push they so they are armed with knowledge.
(c) They hide important things from them, so they can protect their prejudices.
(d) They don't expect much.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does the opening scene remind Lorene?

2. What is Lorene impressed by at the location of the meet and greet?

3. Where has Alma ended up, after graduation?

4. What does Lorene feel about the other white students?

5. Who is Jimmy Hill?

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