Black Ice Character Descriptions

Lorene Cary
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Lorene Carey

This person is the narrator.


This person raises children to be classy and respectful.

Mrs. Evans

This person is a neighbor who gives someone a number for St. Paul's school.

Mr. Dick

This person is the admissions officer at St. Paul's.

Lee Bouton

This person is the first black graduate from St. Paul's.

Pam Hudson

This person is a roommate who plays guitar and has a stereo.

Jimmy Hill

This person is very skinny and from Brooklyn.


This person is a student from Japan.

Ricky Lockhart

This person goes to prep school in New York.


This person is a Chinese-American student.

Janie Saunders

This person is an outsider at St. Paul's.


This person is a loyal friend and relaxed roommate.

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