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Lorene Cary
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June 1989

• Lorene Carey is a high school student from Philadelphia who attends a prep school in New Hampshire called St. Paul's.
• At St. Paul's graduation in 1989, Lorene watches students graduate and thinks of her own graduation.
• Having graduated from St. Paul's in 1974, Lorene has taught at St. Paul's and been a trustee.
• Looking back on her time at St. Paul's, Lorene describes where her classmates have gone in the past 15 years.
• Lorene says that she has never skated on black ice, but her children will know how.

Chapter One

• In 1971, Lorene worked in a restaurant and got a call from Mr. Evans who put her in touch with St. Paul's, which had gone co-ed and was looking for black female students.
• At a meet and greet, St. Paul's, Lorene meets other black students, and her mother asks who will look out for her there.
• After the meet and...

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