Objects & Places from Black Dog of Fate: A Memoir

Peter Balakian
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Tenafly, New Jersey

This was the suburban town in which the author grew up.


This spice is made from the pit of the wild cherry.


This Southeast Asia country suffered under numerous foreign invaders and finally became independent and free in 1991.


This political movement was designed to unite the Turkish people.


In this form of torture, the soles of the feet were beaten with a thin rod until they swelled and burst.

Military Tax

This was designed both to keep Christians out of the Ottoman army and to punish them financially.


This city served as a gathering point for Armenian refugees, following the genocide in 1915.


This is the only city outside of Armenia to be exclusively Armenian in nature.


This small village at the foot of Mt. Saleve was where the author's family stayed while applying for U.S. citizenship.

Der Zor

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