Objects & Places from Bird Box

Josh Malerman
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These animals figure prominently throughout the novel as harbingers of danger. Tom brings a box of them back to the safe house to alert the group to the presence of strangers. They also shriek periodically during Malorie's trip down the river.


This is Jules' dog, and serves as the protector of the housemates. He barks when he senses the presence of a stranger, and he also attends Malorie when she ventures outside of the house alone.


These are worn by all surviving characters when they are outdoors. Malorie makes her children wear them whenever they are outside.

The River

This is Malorie's only known means of escape. Instructions are given to her by a stranger named Rick to take this to a safe place.


The housemates survive on these, rationed for their growing number of residents. Tom and Jules occasionally leave the house looking...

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