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Short Answer Questions

1. What does June eat out of the oven before walking to the school bus?

2. Who is Albertine's mother?

3. Why are the people of the reservation concerned about the young white boy using an umbrella?

4. What does Lipsha call his meeting with Shawnee in Chapter 9?

5. What does Zelda give Lipsha as a gift?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does June promise herself that no one will ever hold her again?

2. Where does Lyman feel he lost his "true face"?

3. What does Jewett assume about Fleur's land?

4. Why does the reservation community have high hopes for Lipsha?

5. Why does June's mother take her anger out on June in Chapter 6?

6. What makes Lipsha feel jealous when he visits Shawnee in Chapter 9?

7. Why does Lulu go to the post office?

8. How does Shawnee plan her move out of Zelda's house?

9. What does Lipsha get a tattoo of and why?

10. What happens when Lipsha finds Fleur at the church in Chapter 11?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Cars make frequent appearances in "The Bingo Palace." Describe each time a car is used in the plot. How do these cars reflect the characters involved? How do the cars add to the conflict of the novel? What do the cars represent?

Essay Topic 2

Describe how animal imagery is used in this novel. Select four examples of animal imagery and explain the following: Who is represented, what is represented, how tradition is reflected and the impact on the characters/plot of "The Bingo Palace."

Essay Topic 3

Lipsha admits to having a complicated relationship with Lyman. Summarize their relationship. What makes it increasingly complicated? What emotions/feelings define their relationship? How is their relationship one-sided at times? Why do they decide to go into business with each other? How do they help each other to change?

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