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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Four Soul get her name?

2. How does Zelda respond to the news that Shawnee wants to move?

3. Whose face does Lyman not see on the slot machine?

4. What does Lipsha win while playing bingo in Chapter 7?

5. How does Lulu feel about the way Marie raised Lipsha?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Shawnee's parents act at the gathering?

2. What catches Albertine's attention when she is watching a documentary?

3. What does Lipsha discover about Zelda's plans for him and Shawnee during their date?

4. Why does June promise herself that no one will ever hold her again?

5. Why does Lulu go to the post office?

6. What happens when Lipsha finds Fleur at the church in Chapter 11?

7. What happens when Lipsha feels that he sees his dead mother?

8. What happened when Lipsha tried to heal Russell Kashpaw?

9. What role does Fleur play in Lyman's dream?

10. Why does Albertine take part in the naming ceremony?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lipsha admits to having a complicated relationship with Lyman. Summarize their relationship. What makes it increasingly complicated? What emotions/feelings define their relationship? How is their relationship one-sided at times? Why do they decide to go into business with each other? How do they help each other to change?

Essay Topic 2

"The Bingo Palace" compares traditional life to life off the reservation. How is each described? What represents each style of living? How is Lipsha torn between the two? How does he feel that he can merge the two? By the end of the novel, do you think Lipsha is more or less traditional?

Essay Topic 3

What does money mean to the people on the reservation? How does money affect Lipsha? How does it affect Lipsha's relationships with people? How does Lipsha use money? What is the author trying to say about money and traditional Native American life?

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