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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shawnee admit to herself about her relationship with Lyman?
(a) She fears him.
(b) She is bored with him.
(c) She has always loved him.
(d) She could never love him.

2. Where does Lipsha wait in Chapter 7, hoping to run into Shawnee?
(a) The laundromat.
(b) The library.
(c) The post office.
(d) The bingo hall.

3. Where does Lipsha live?
(a) On a reservation.
(b) Alberta.
(c) Fargo.
(d) Detroit.

4. What does Lyman do with Nector's pipe at the end of Chapter 8?
(a) Gives it away.
(b) Breaks it.
(c) Pawns it.
(d) Loses it.

5. Where does Lyman go in his dream after leaving the slot machine?
(a) The forest.
(b) Shawnee's house.
(c) The lake.
(d) The bingo hall.

6. Where does Lipsha go after giving up on his ID forms?
(a) Fleur's.
(b) Shawnee's.
(c) The bingo hall.
(d) Lulu's.

7. Who is the father of Shawnee Ray's son, Redford?
(a) Elward Strong Ribs.
(b) Lipsha.
(c) Lyman Lamartine.
(d) Zelda's long-lost cousin.

8. Where did Four Soul get her name?
(a) She needed more soul in her life.
(b) She had one soul for each direction.
(c) She possessed more souls than she should have.
(d) She had multiple personalities.

9. What does Lipsha say brought him back to the reservation?
(a) Curiousity.
(b) Sadness.
(c) Money.
(d) Fate.

10. What does Lipsha fear as he walks on ancestral grounds in Chapter 11?
(a) That the ancestors will turn Shawnee against him.
(b) That the huge bingo hall plan won't work.
(c) That he'll lose all of his power.
(d) That his bad deeds will catch up with him.

11. How does June wake up at the end of Chapter 6?
(a) To her mother's crying.
(b) To the feeling of being slapped.
(c) To her brother's yelling.
(d) To the feeling of being thrown.

12. Why does Lyman feel he should have Lipsha's pipe?
(a) Because he respects it more than Lipsha.
(b) Because Nector was his biological father.
(c) Because he is older.
(d) Because he has a son.

13. What did Shawnee's mother do after her father died?
(a) Moved away from the reservation.
(b) Found a job in the city.
(c) Forced Shawnee to get married.
(d) Admitted that she was having an affair.

14. Why did the Chippewa come to Albertine's reservation?
(a) They were lost.
(b) In search of money and friends.
(c) The U.S. government forced them.
(d) In search of food and land.

15. By what other name is Fleur known in the community?
(a) Pillangera.
(b) Mosha.
(c) Granderova.
(d) Mindemoya.

Short Answer Questions

1. What job does Jewett Parker Tatro have?

2. Who tells Lyman, "This time don't sell out for a barrel of weevil-shot flour and a mossy pork"?

3. What is Shawnee Ray Toose also known as?

4. What does Zelda tell Lipsha about Fleur?

5. Whose face does Lyman not see on the slot machine?

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