The Bingo Palace Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Lulu go to the post office?

Lulu goes to the post office to take down the wanted poster of her son and mail a copy of it to her grandson. She mails the poster as a warning for her grandson, Lipsha, to get his life on track.

2. Why does the reservation community have high hopes for Lipsha?

The reservation community has high hopes for Lipsha because he scored well on a pre-college exam. They also know that he has spiritual powers.

3. How is June Morrissey described?

June Morrissey is described as being a woman who had a child out of wedlock but is still a vision of beauty and spirituality.

4. Why does Lipsha dislike his job?

Lipsha dislikes his job shoveling sugar because he comes home smelling like sugar. This is a problem because the smell lingers in his house and attracts bugs.

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