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Bingo Hall

This is described as glamorous by night and dingy by day.

Fleur's House

This place has writing on the walls and tables.

Matchimanito Lake

This is where Fleur dies.

June's Blue Firebird

Lipsha exchanges this for luck playing bingo.

The Motel Room

This is where Lipsha takes a Bible.

Lulu's Apartment

This place is part of the reservation's elder community.

Nector's Pipe

This item was passed down through a long line of family history.

Lipsha's Bible

This item is used by Lipsha when he is confused about Shawnee.


This is where Lipsha and Gerry end up stranded.

Bingo Van

This represents status to Lipsha.

Las Vegas Casino

This place is described as loud and flashy.

Gerry's Wanted Poster

This item is kept on display at Lulu's.

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