The Bingo Palace Character Descriptions

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Lipsha Morrissey

This character struggles throughout most of the story trying to reach maximum potential, but falls short.

Shawnee Ray Toose

This character is a young, single mother who is trying to become a fashion designer.

Zelda Kashpaw

This character is a powerful member of the reservation community who once saved a baby from drowning.

Lulu Lamartine

This character steals a wanted poster from the post office.

Lyman Lamartine

This character is known for investments and business choices.

Fleur Pillager

This character is considered an ancestor even before passing over to the spiritual world.

Marie Kashpaw

This character selects who would inherit Nector's pipe.

June Morrissey

This character is described as a falling star.

Gerry Nanapush

This character spent time in prison.

Xavier Toose

This character lost his fingers waiting for his love.

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