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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the man wearing on his face?
(a) Goggles
(b) Sun cream
(c) A mask
(d) A false beard

2. Who is Marlowe trying to save?
(a) General Sternwood
(b) Vivian
(c) Carmen
(d) Mrs. Mars

3. Who does Marlowe think killed Regan?
(a) Eddie Mars
(b) Carmen
(c) Mrs. Mars
(d) Vivian

4. Who could Marlowe get a full-time job working for?
(a) Captain Gregory
(b) Rusty Regan
(c) General Sternwood
(d) Eddie Amrs

5. Who does Marlowe find naked in his bed?
(a) Agnes
(b) Vivian
(c) Carmen
(d) Eddie Mars

6. Why does Marlowe think Carmen killed Regan?
(a) He insulted Vivian
(b) He blackmailed her
(c) He did not sleep with her
(d) He threatened to kill her

7. Where do Carmen and Marlowe go to practice shooting?
(a) A forest
(b) Abandoned oil wells
(c) A corn field
(d) An abandoned house

8. What does Marlowe say he will destroy?
(a) The photographs
(b) Police evidence
(c) Carmen's gun
(d) Eddie Mars

9. What does Marlowe report to the butler?
(a) He has found the pictures.
(b) He does not want to work on the case
(c) He has found Rusty
(d) He needs more money

10. What does Marlowe ask Carmen to shoot at?
(a) A can
(b) A bottle
(c) A cat
(d) A horse

11. Who was Agnes with when she saw Mona?
(a) Sam Spade
(b) Joe Brody
(c) Rusty Regan
(d) Eddie Mars

12. What does Marlowe ask Mrs. Mars for?
(a) A hug
(b) A kiss
(c) A dime
(d) A cigarette

13. What is the weather like outside?
(a) Hailing
(b) Windy
(c) Foggy
(d) Rainy

14. Where is Vivian in this chapter?
(a) Marlowe's office
(b) The roulette table
(c) Eddie's apartment
(d) Marlowe's apartment

15. Where did Brody and Agnes follow Mona to?
(a) An apartment block
(b) A bar
(c) A bordello
(d) A garage

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Malowe ask the small man in the Plymouth to do?

2. What king does Marlowe refer to in this chapter?

3. What color hair does Eddie's wife have?

4. Why is Cronjager not happy with Marlowe?

5. Who doe Marlowe think has something on Vivian?

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