The Big Sleep Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the Sternwood house

The Sternwood family is very rich and Marlowe pauses at the entrance to admire their sprawling house, the magnificent entrance, and the impressive Packard convertible that the chauffeur is dusting. On the whole, it is not hard to be impressed with the opulence of their estate.

2. Describe the two Sternwood girls.

Though General Sternwood is very old, he has two daughters that are still in their 20s, Carmen and Vivian, and both of them are dangerously immature. Carmen affectionately plays with Marlowe as though she were still a young girl. She even pretends to faint in order to get Marlowe to hold her.

3. Describe Vivian Regan.

Marlowe sits down across from Vivian Regan and takes the opportunity to stare at her beautiful form. She has exquisitely formed legs, stunning dark hair, and a come-hither face that is both sulky and strong.

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