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Objective: Philip Marlowe is a 33-year-old Los Angeles-based private investigator and the first-person narrator. The aim of this lesson is to examine the character of Philip Marlowe

1) Class Discussion. What are Marlowe's goals and motives? What are Marlowe's strengths and weaknesses as a private detective? How far would Marlowe go to achieve results? Is he a moral man? What is Marlowe's private life like? Does Chandler ever suggest he has a private life? What are Marlowe's real opinions on the people he works for and deals with?

2) Character background. Write Marlowe's character background, focusing what has made Marlowe such a cynical person. Remember such events as the first world war, which Marlowe would of been old enough to remember.

3) Marlowe in popular culture. Ask the students to find another character similar to Philip Marlowe, but created after the Philip Marlowe character. Ask the students to make comparisons...

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