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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• Private detective Philip Marlowe visits General Sternwood at the Sternwood estate.

• The first person Marlowe meets is Carmen Sternwood. She pretends to faint so Marlowe has to hold her.

• The butler leads Marlowe into the greenhouse to see the General.

• The General tells Marlowe he is being blackmailed and he wants Marlowe to find who is blackmailing him. The blackmailer is called Geiger.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• Marlowe meets the General's other daughter Vivian Regan. Vivian thinks Marlowe has been hired to find her husband Rusty, but Marlowe denies it.

• Marlowe visits the local library to find out about rare books. He learns everything he needs to know to make his next step.

• Marlowe visits Geiger's bookstore where he asks about rare books. The lady says Geiger won't be back until later.

• Marlowe waits for a while and sees a man enter the shop, go to a back...

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