Beyond the Horizon Fun Activities

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Character Charades

Working in teams of two, act out a character's identity without using any words.

A Poem for Mary

Using any style you prefer, write a poem about Mary's young life.

Word Scrambler

Mix up 10 words from the play BEYOND THE HORIZON--character names, location, themes, central images--and give to another classmate to unscramble.

Acrostic Verse

Using the title BEYOND THE HORIZON, create an acrostic puzzle with words that define or describe the play.

Role Playing

With another student, act out a scene from the play. Be prepared to explain to the class why you chose this particular scene and what it means to you.

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words...

Draw a scene or character from the play and share with classmates to see if they can identify it.

Fill in the Blank

Complete the following sentences with words or phrases that express your ideas about the...

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