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Act 1, Scene 1

• Robert sits on a fence by the side of a road stretching into the distance in the early evening on a day in May. He is reading. He looks up towards the horizon, suddenly thoughtful.

• Robert's older brother Andrew who is more rugged and earthy joins him on the fence and teases him for being such a daydreamer.

• Andrew asks to look at the book. Robert hands it to him tells him not to get it dirty.

• Andrew responds by saying it is not dirt, just good clean earth.

• Andrew teases Robert about the poetry and how he took a liking to college.

• He suggests that Robert should have stayed in school. Robert tells him that just because he reads; it doesn't mean he's interested in being a student.

• Robert wants to travel and not take root in one place.

• Andrew says that Robert's sea voyage...

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