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Short Answer Questions

1. It is common for friendships to change if those friendships have been made when?

2. Who was Socrates' famous student mentioned in this chapter?

3. What word does Nietzsche use to refer to his theories?

4. Which emotion does Nietzsche refer to as being pathetic?

5. Who was the first person to receive a copy of "Aftersong?"

Short Essay Questions

1. How does a philosopher marry new and old ideas and relate them to the now?

2. Nietzsche asks if there is a name for those who are no longer friends. What has changed about the friendships?

3. How does a person see vanity? Who places the value on man?

4. How does skepticism affect modern day Europe? What does the author think of skepticism in Germany?

5. What is the author's opinion on morality as it relates to nature?

6. Despite all other things, there are some virtues retained by man that cannot be disputed. What are they?

7. How does Nietzsche explain the master morality and the slave morality?

8. How does instinct change depending upon one's heritage and rank?

9. What happens once the friends arrive in the summer garden? How do they greet the author?

10. The book's translator shares a story about the first known copy of "Aftersong." Where was it? How was it different than the later versions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Allowing oneself to be depreciated, lied to and robbed could be considered as the modesty of God among men. Why do many religious figures believe that one must suffer in order to be close to God, to be holy? Do you believe that this has any credence? Explain. Is this belief why so many people worship martyrs or why martyrs are often made into saints? Is it possible to be holy, to be close to God without a great deal of suffering? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

One may not like the man to whom he is not equal. Why is that? What about another person who is not your equal cause dislike? Is this dislike more intense if the person is above you? Or is the dislike worse if the person is inferior to you? Explain. Write an essay about how this theory may apply in your life.

Essay Topic 3

Women are easily misled by their own beliefs and will not hear otherwise. Is this thought the reason that Nietzsche feels a woman would not make a good philosopher? Research female philosophers from the past century. Choose at least three and compare their philosophies with those belonging to Nietzsche's work.

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