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Short Answer Questions

1. In what location does the majority of the poem take place?

2. One must be careful not to commit self-denial and self-____________.

3. What is another way to describe how Nietzsche uses the term "Fatherlandishness?"

4. What does Nietzsche believe has been responsible for the education of the spirit?

5. In Nietzsche's mind, whose music heralded the end of centuries-old European taste?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Nietzsche's views on experience and how certain types of experience cause one to seek answers?

2. How does Nietzsche explain the master morality and the slave morality?

3. What happens once the friends arrive in the summer garden? How do they greet the author?

4. What is Nietzsche's lament regarding the German soul?

5. How do the virtues of the modern man compare to those of old?

6. What is the paradox in loving one's enemies as it is suggested in various religions?

7. What would a man's life be like if he does not possess the will to truth?

8. The book's translator shares a story about the first known copy of "Aftersong." Where was it? How was it different than the later versions?

9. How does a person see vanity? Who places the value on man?

10. How do spiritualism and cruelty combine in the modern man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Women are easily misled by their own beliefs and will not hear otherwise. Is this thought the reason that Nietzsche feels a woman would not make a good philosopher? Research female philosophers from the past century. Choose at least three and compare their philosophies with those belonging to Nietzsche's work.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Nietzsche to Socrates and Plato. How were there views different? Were any the same? Explain. How might Socrates' views have changed if he had lived in Nietzsche's time?

Essay Topic 3

Nietzsche states that in order to love one's enemies, one must also learn to despise at the same time. Why is it important to be able to do both? Is to show only love for an enemy a sign of weakness or of true spiritual strength? If it is the former, why should it matter to either party? If it is the latter, then it should only bring enlightenment to the other person. Examine this theory and express your opinion on both sides of both issues.

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