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Short Answer Questions

1. Many philosophers stop their careers, at least temporarily, in order to purse what kind of education?

2. If a woman attempts to prove something for the sake of womankind, the author states that she has corrupted what?

3. One who has suffered profoundly tends to maintain what characteristic?

4. Who puts himself into a dangerous situation when studying both ordinary and extraordinary people?

5. According to the author, the German soul was once considered to be:

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the virtues of the modern man compare to those of old?

2. What is the author's opinion on morality as it relates to nature?

3. How does skepticism affect modern day Europe? What does the author think of skepticism in Germany?

4. How does a person see vanity? Who places the value on man?

5. What happens once the friends arrive in the summer garden? How do they greet the author?

6. Despite all other things, there are some virtues retained by man that cannot be disputed. What are they?

7. What is the paradox in loving one's enemies as it is suggested in various religions?

8. Why is suffering seen as a noble thing in religion? What does the martyr receive in return?

9. How does Nietzsche view faith versus knowledge? To what philosopher does Nietzsche refer?

10. How do spiritualism and cruelty combine in the modern man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Allowing oneself to be depreciated, lied to and robbed could be considered as the modesty of God among men. Why do many religious figures believe that one must suffer in order to be close to God, to be holy? Do you believe that this has any credence? Explain. Is this belief why so many people worship martyrs or why martyrs are often made into saints? Is it possible to be holy, to be close to God without a great deal of suffering? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

In general, people must realize that the desires they have are no so much the object of the desire but the desire itself. When one achieves this desire, oftentimes it is the end of the quest. Do you agree with this philosophy? Do you believe that the desire is not for the other person or thing but for the desire itself? Is it only the journey or the hunt that matters? What might one do when the thrill of the chase is over? Cite an example and explain the validity of the statement.

Essay Topic 3

Nietzsche considers Kant to be one of the most influential philosophers of his time. Write a 750 word biography on Kant, his philosophies, impact on the field, and influence on Nietzsche.

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