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Short Answer Questions

1. People tend to base their beliefs on which of the following?

2. Every person, regardless of status or vocation, strives to seek which of the following:

3. Nietzsche insists that a refutable theory is one that has not lost its:

4. What group of people tends to be the least communicative?

5. Nietzsche states that ____________ is a well refuted theory and almost no one in the learned world attaches significance to it.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the author claim that philosophers are not honest enough?

2. How does Nietzsche refer to Logicians?

3. What is the one thing that every human being craves?

4. What is the the "faculty of the suprasensible?" Who coined the term?

5. What is the main thought on the pursuit of one's desires?

6. Nietzsche gives an overview of several cultures and religions. What are his views?

7. Nietzsche presents an argument on conscious versus instinct. What is the author's opinion?

8. Why are people often desperate to hide their deepest thoughts and emotions?

9. Nietzsche talks about the communicative habits of "free spirits." Explain.

10. Why does Nietzsche believe that there are attempts being made to divert attention from Kant's influence on German philosophy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Nietzsche believes that man takes himself too seriously, and in doing so, may compromise his own ability to seek the truth. Why does Nietzsche believe this theory? How can one be overly serious? Do you know anyone who is that way? What is the purpose in being so serious? What times would it be negative to be serious instead of lighthearted? Do you consider yourself to be overly serious? In what ways would these actions compromise one's ability to seek the truth? Is truth always a serious matter?

Essay Topic 2

In general, people must realize that the desires they have are no so much the object of the desire but the desire itself. When one achieves this desire, oftentimes it is the end of the quest. Do you agree with this philosophy? Do you believe that the desire is not for the other person or thing but for the desire itself? Is it only the journey or the hunt that matters? What might one do when the thrill of the chase is over? Cite an example and explain the validity of the statement.

Essay Topic 3

The author believes that a woman may appear to be peaceable, as the man wishes, but like a cat, she has trained herself to appear that way. What is your opinion of that statement? Do you think Nietzsche truly believes that women are not peaceable creatures? If women are not peaceable creatures, where does the opposite of that come from? Is it a learned behavior or an innate one? Does Nietzsche mean to say that it is the nature of the woman to behave that way or is it all a lie?

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