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Short Answer Questions

1. Self-contradiction also involves which of the following emotions?

2. Nietzsche believes that this created state is born out of:

3. A false judgment is not necessarily ______ to a person's mind.

4. What is a word that means something that comes in between?

5. Nietzsche believes there are attempts being made to divert attention away from what philosopher?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the author claim that philosophers are not honest enough?

2. Explain the concept behind Nietzsche's BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL.

3. The author comments upon tempo and how it can be improperly translated. What is the danger in it?

4. How do spiritualism and cruelty combine in the modern man?

5. Who does Nietzsche refer to regarding soul and conscience? What is the opinion on the topic?

6. How does Nietzsche refer to Logicians?

7. Despite all other things, there are some virtues retained by man that cannot be disputed. What are they?

8. What is the paradox in loving one's enemies as it is suggested in various religions?

9. How do the modern day thoughts on morality relate to the modern day views on science of morals?

10. How does a person see vanity? Who places the value on man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The devil is the best friend to wisdom as it avoids God. What does Nietzsche mean by that statement? Why are wisdom and God often separate according to philosophers? If Nietzsche does not believe in a living God then how does the statement apply? How does the devil fit into Nietzsche's philosophies in general? Create a depiction of what your concept of God and the devil are or as they are typically seen in modern culture.

Essay Topic 2

In general, people must realize that the desires they have are no so much the object of the desire but the desire itself. When one achieves this desire, oftentimes it is the end of the quest. Do you agree with this philosophy? Do you believe that the desire is not for the other person or thing but for the desire itself? Is it only the journey or the hunt that matters? What might one do when the thrill of the chase is over? Cite an example and explain the validity of the statement.

Essay Topic 3

Man will routinely make harsh moral judgments against those he loves, as well as neighbors, acquaintances and society as a whole. Write a 1000 word essay on this topic. What gives one the right to make harsh moral judgments? Have you ever done it? Explain. Why is no one immune to the judgments, including loved ones? Why do people tend to be hardest on those close to them? Give examples. How might embracing the will to truth help to eliminate or quell this behavior?

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