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Short Answer Questions

1. There is no need to do be the sole protector of mankind and the earth; instead, take time to seek _________.

2. What group of people tends to be the least communicative?

3. The authors believe that which group is not honest enough?

4. Nietzsche believes that a woman's approach to life is considerably more:

5. Despite public opinion, Nietzsche has no objections about one of the following.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the author's opinion on reality versus self-denial?

2. Why should physiologists think twice before discounting self-preservation?

3. What is the main purpose of the psychologist in understanding the human soul?

4. What is soul atomism? Who teaches the theory?

5. Nietzsche talks about the communicative habits of "free spirits." Explain.

6. Nietzsche breaches an age old question about God and the devil. What is it?

7. How does Nietzsche refer to Logicians?

8. There is a great deal of talk about morality. What is Nietzsche's opinion on morality?

9. Nietzsche presents an argument on conscious versus instinct. What is the author's opinion?

10. Nietzsche gives an overview of several cultures and religions. What are his views?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Madness is rare in the individual, but thrives in groups and nations. What kind of madness is more likely to take place in groups than in an individual? Is mass hysteria a kind of madness? What kind of actions might be taken by a group that suffers from madness? How do those actions compare to the actions of a mad individual? How does religious madness play into Nietzsche's theory?

Essay Topic 2

Nietzsche considers Kant to be one of the most influential philosophers of his time. Write a 750 word biography on Kant, his philosophies, impact on the field, and influence on Nietzsche.

Essay Topic 3

Nietzsche has nothing against morality except when man uses it to put himself above others with no other explanation or accomplishments to back it up. Those who are pious are often completely dishonest to themselves as well as God. Who, in your opinion, would fall into this category? Is it a common position for people in religious leadership positions? How does this relate to televangelists? Do you believe that the pious man may put himself above others because he is a servant of God? What does Nietzsche mean when he says that "Those who are pious are often completely dishonest to themselves as well as God?" Do you believe that is true? Explain.

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