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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Every man has been enhanced through what type of society?
(a) Free-willed.
(b) Tyrannical.
(c) Democratic.
(d) Aristocratic.

2. One should be concerned about the dangerous aspects of a man who claims not to be which of the following?
(a) Convinced.
(b) Honorable.
(c) Skeptic.
(d) Truthful.

3. Regardless of a man's nature, it is impossible to erase from his soul the influence of what?
(a) Culture.
(b) Religion.
(c) Ancestors.
(d) Parents.

4. Nietzsche talks about two kinds of moralities that are prevalent on earth; they are subtle and _____ moralities.
(a) Non-existent.
(b) Flagrant.
(c) Blatant.
(d) Coarse.

5. Nietzsche condemns the woman who seeks to enlighten men and to become what?
(a) Forthright.
(b) Wise.
(c) Equal.
(d) Self-reliant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which country has the least amount of strength of will?

2. It is considered to be a great feat if one is able to master his own what?

3. Virtues most likely relate directly to what type of inclinations?

4. Nietzsche fears that a psychologist may easily get caught up in investigating the lives of people to the degree that he may:

5. What is the basic difference between these two groups?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the danger in allowing oneself to indulge in "Fatherlandishness?"

2. The author comments upon tempo and how it can be improperly translated. What is the danger in it?

3. What are the dangers in the potential development of a budding philosopher?

4. What is the author's opinion on morality as it relates to nature?

5. What happens once the friends arrive in the summer garden? How do they greet the author?

6. What is Nietzsche's lament regarding the German soul?

7. How does a philosopher marry new and old ideas and relate them to the now?

8. How do the virtues of the modern man compare to those of old?

9. What would a man's life be like if he does not possess the will to truth?

10. Once again, Nietzsche makes reference to a language barrier. What is the author's opinion?

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