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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 7: Our Virtues - Chapters 214-239.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In order to be able to gather a great deal of information one must possess which quality?
(a) Intuition.
(b) Strictness.
(c) Hindsight.
(d) Loyalty.

2. Catholicism has a much stronger tie to what other race?
(a) Asian.
(b) Latin.
(c) Celt.
(d) Anglo-Saxon.

3. Nietzsche has no regard for one segment of the population. What is it?
(a) Theologians.
(b) Other philosophers.
(c) Women.
(d) Politicians.

4. A false judgment is not necessarily ______ to a person's mind.
(a) Offensive.
(b) Obvious.
(c) Objectionable.
(d) False.

5. Which person does the author refer to as being profound?
(a) Socrates.
(b) Schelling.
(c) Pascal.
(d) Kant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Nietzsche believes that things occur in accordance with the strength of what object?

2. If a woman attempts to prove something for the sake of womankind, the author states that she has corrupted what?

3. What is the one thing that will allow man to gain strength?

4. Unhappiness and evil are not opposites to happy and _______.

5. Nietzsche states that one must determine the value of:

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