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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: The Free Spirit - Chapters 36-44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Nietzsche believes that if the explanation were possible then which of the following could be traced back to it?
(a) Birth of religion.
(b) Origin of man.
(c) Organic functions.
(d) Invention of philosophy.

2. The author states that while all philosophers love their truths, the new generation will not be seen as a group of:
(a) Idealists.
(b) Religious fanatics.
(c) Realists.
(d) Dogmatists.

3. Despite the commitment to his work, the philosopher knows deep down that there is one thing that will never be found. What is it?
(a) Satisfaction.
(b) Logic.
(c) Glory.
(d) Truth.

4. People tend to base their beliefs on which of the following?
(a) What parents teach.
(b) What they see.
(c) What is taught in church.
(d) Instinct.

5. Nietzsche discusses how to value oneself along with valuing which of the following:
(a) God.
(b) Society.
(c) Children.
(d) Parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. In many cases philosophers may prefer a handful of certainties to which of the following?

2. Which branch of science is referred to as the "queen of the sciences?"

3. There is no need to do be the sole protector of mankind and the earth; instead, take time to seek _________.

4. There are many things that hide behind a mask according to Nietzsche. Which one is mentioned in the text?

5. According to the text, which refutable theory has been challenged a hundred times?

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