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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 8: Peoples and Fatherlands - Chapters 240-256.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Nietzsche points to the various German factions, including the Christian romantic movement and others including which of the following?
(a) Anti-Jewish.
(b) Anti-French .
(c) Anti-Polish.
(d) Anti-American.

2. In general, a man will not take on burden and responsibility without ______.
(a) Recognition.
(b) Reward.
(c) Moral belief.
(d) Cause.

3. Nietzsche believes that a woman's approach to life is considerably more:
(a) Deep.
(b) Primal.
(c) Peculiar.
(d) Advanced.

4. Man is considered to be what kind of creature?
(a) Moral.
(b) Contradictory.
(c) Free spirited.
(d) Solid.

5. Nietzsche has no regard for one segment of the population. What is it?
(a) Politicians.
(b) Women.
(c) Theologians.
(d) Other philosophers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Man will go to great lengths to avoid uncovering:

2. When one desires an object the actual interest relates to:

3. Man's view of himself may cause him to have to do what?

4. According to the author, the German soul was once considered to be:

5. Which composer does Nietzsche refer to as being the interlude of the mellow old soul?

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