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This was Nietzsche's native country.

The Church

This place incites mixed feelings in Nietzsche, most of which involve contempt.


The author shows a great affection for this place.

The Summer Garden

In the poem Aftersong, Nietzsche refers to this place.


This is home to great philosophers who have inspired Nietzsche.


This is a country in which morality is judged either through distinction or disgrace.


Nietzsche considers this place to be the heart of all of modern philosophy.


This place is referred to by Dr. Oscar Levy in his 1913 essay.


This is the native land of Miss Helen Zimmern (1846-1934), who is responsible for the first English translation of BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL.


In 1701, the first king of this place is crowned, and his descendants become German emperors.

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