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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: On The Prejudices of Philosophers - Chapters 1-10)


Nietzsche talks a lot about "The Will to Truth." Discuss truth, what the phrase "Will to Truth" means, and how it marries with Nietzsche's philosophy. Learn how truth has affected philosophy and philosophers.


1. "The Will to Truth" is one of the main themes in Nietzsche's BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL, relating it to individuals as well as society as a whole. Discuss the concept of "The Will to Truth." What does it mean? Why is it one of the main tenets in Nietzsche's philosophy? Do you agree or disagree with the author? How does the will to truth affect Nietzsche's view of other philosophers? How can one know what real truth is?

2. In order to know the truth, one must also be able to recognize a lie. In a 500-word essay, discuss lying, reasons for it, why it is good or bad, and how it affects...

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