The Belle of Amherst Character Descriptions

William Luce
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Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

This character is described as sensitive and quaint but with inner strength. Her manner is described as childlike, whimsical, and deeply poignant.

Lavinia Dickinson

This character is described as clumsy but, also practical. She loves cats above all other creatures and will begrudge her pets nothing.

Edward Dickinson

This is the patriarch of the family.

Austin Dickinson

Emily says that this character knows her in a way that no one else in her family does.

Susan Gilbert Dickinson

This character understands Emily's need to write. She is the one who helps Emily choose the poems to submit for publication.

Emily Norcross Dickinson

This is Emily's mother.

Mary Lyon

This character was the headmistress of Mount Holyoke.

Thomas Wentworth Higginson

This character was a literary critic with whom Emily corresponded.

Henrietta Sweetser

This is not so much a character as a symbol.

Charles Wadsworth

This character...

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