The Belle of Amherst Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William Luce
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Act 1, Section 1

• Emily enters the stage with a teapot and offers the audience cake slices from a plate.

• She explains that it is her own special cake recipe and welcomes the audience to Amherst.

• She tells the audience that her middle name, Elizabeth, comes from her father's sister who was a formidable woman.
• Emily says she has several poems published anonymously and likes to introduce herself as a poet rather than as the half-cracked daughter of Squire Edward Dickinson as she is known in Amherst.

• Emily hasn't left the house in years. She wears white all the time just to baffle her neighbors.
• Emily's neighbors bring gifts to the door to try and look at Emily as they are very curious about her.

• Emily admits she does all the odd things on purpose for entertainment and is sorry if her brother is distressed by her antics.

• Emily loves...

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