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Short Answer Questions

1. When a man sitting across from Chance asks him what the government will do about industrial poisons, what is Chance's response?

2. What does Sulkin praise Skrapinov for having?

3. When Chance tells Mr. Rand that he's looking better, what does Mr. Rand tell him?

4. What does EE tell Chance before she leaves his room?

5. What does EE discover about Chance after going through all of his belongings and asking him questions about his past?

Short Essay Questions

1. The President of the United States is getting frustrated with the lack of information on Gardiner in Chapter 6. What sort of information is the President's investigator, Grunmann, able to uncover?

2. Why does EE try to protect Chauncey from the press?

3. What was one of Grunmann's concerns about what Gardiner might be up to? Why is it discounted?

4. What does Chance say to both a man at the dinner party and to EE when they each make sexual advances towards him? Why?

5. In what way does Chance inadvertently stun the journalists interviewing him after the U.N. gala?

6. What does EE find herself thinking about more and more as she flies back to New York from Denver?

7. What is the bad joke that Grunmann begins to make when speaking to the President in Chapter 6?

8. Upon entering Chance's bedroom, EE gives him more clues that she is enamored with him. What hints does she drop to Chance and what is his reaction?

9. In what way does the President incorporate Chance's words on gardening into his speech at the Financial Institute?

10. What assumption does the French depute, Gaufridi, make about Chance's future?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chance's father is never revealed in the book. It is only implied that the Old Man may be his actual father.

A) Explain why Jerzy Kosinski may have decided to keep the Old Man's identity so mysterious.

B) Other than Chance's father, who could the Old Man symbolize? Why?

C) Explore the Old Man's personality keeping in mind that he may be Chance's father.

Essay Topic 2

It can be said that throughout the book Chance is simply passing through the scenes on his way to somewhere else, with the Old Man's briefcase and suit. Where is Chance's ultimate destination? Why is he only passing through instead of stopping?

Essay Topic 3

Various meanings for the book's ending have been explored, ranging from Chance leaving this world to go to heaven to an exploration of Chance developing his own personality using stepping stones in a garden.

A) Explore your thoughts on the significance of the book's ending.

B) Compare and contrast it with one of the endings listed above.

C) Give examples from the book to support your theory.

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