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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Grunmann find out about Chance's past at the President's request?

2. What does EE make of Chance's reluctance to receive her advances?

3. When Chance tells Stiegler that he can neither read or write, what does Stiegler take this to mean?

4. When were Chance's fingerprints checked out?

5. Why is EE so upset with herself and Chance's reaction to her statements of love?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was one of Grunmann's concerns about what Gardiner might be up to? Why is it discounted?

2. Why does EE try to protect Chauncey from the press?

3. What assumption does the French depute, Gaufridi, make about Chance's future?

4. Sulkin submits a tape of Gardiner's appearance on THIS EVENING for psychiatric, neurological and linguistic analysis. What is discovered?

5. What does Chance say to both a man at the dinner party and to EE when they each make sexual advances towards him? Why?

6. Why does Chance hesitate when the President asks him about The Street?

7. The President of the United States is getting frustrated with the lack of information on Gardiner in Chapter 6. What sort of information is the President's investigator, Grunmann, able to uncover?

8. Upon entering Chance's bedroom, EE gives him more clues that she is enamored with him. What hints does she drop to Chance and what is his reaction?

9. In what way does Chance inadvertently stun the journalists interviewing him after the U.N. gala?

10. In what way does the President incorporate Chance's words on gardening into his speech at the Financial Institute?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The view of existentialism can be construed to be a theme in the book.

A) Explain in your own words what the term existentialism means.

B) Write about its relationship to the story.

C) Give examples as to what parts of the story this comparison exists.

Essay Topic 2

If we all acted as Chance does in the book, we could walk away from problems or just change the channel. What would happen to society if we all took on this persona? Give concrete examples of how society would change and refer to the book for examples to help support your answers.

Essay Topic 3

Consider the characters of Chance and Chauncey Gardiner even though they are essentially the same person.

A) Compare and contrast the characters of Chance and Chauncey as seen through the eyes of others.

B) Why is it that Mr. Franklin does not remember where he has seen Chauncey before?

C) How is it that Chauncey's image disappears for Chance by the end of the book?

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