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Short Answer Questions

1. What has happened to one Soviet agent as a result of his background investigation of Mr. Gardiner?

2. When Chance accepts an invitation to appear on a live TV show, what are his thoughts?

3. When Mrs. Aubrey tells Chance that the Wall Street Journal has predicted his appointment to a Financial Corporation Board and they would like a statement from him, what does Chance say?

4. When EE tries to seduce Chance in his bedroom, what is his first reaction?

5. When Chance tells the man that he just wants to watch, what is the man's reaction?

Short Essay Questions

1. At what point in Chapter 5 does EE's character make it clear to the reader that she has a crush on Chance?

2. EE expresses her love to Chance in Chapter 5. What are EE's reasons for being so attracted to Chance?

3. Why does Chance hesitate when the President asks him about The Street?

4. Upon entering Chance's bedroom, EE gives him more clues that she is enamored with him. What hints does she drop to Chance and what is his reaction?

5. What does Chance find so amazing as he awaits his turn to join the TV show?

6. What is the bad joke that Grunmann begins to make when speaking to the President in Chapter 6?

7. How does Chance feel about an opportunity to appear on TV?

8. At the United Nations gala in Chapter 5, who does Chance seem to impress the most and why?

9. Why does EE try to protect Chauncey from the press?

10. Why is the President beginning to become suspicious of Chauncy Gardiner in Chapter 5?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Thinking of Chauncey Gardiner being described as one of the most well-adjusted in America, think of the politicians on the American landscape of today's world.

Who is the most well-adjusted?

Who is the least well-adjusted?

Support your answers with facts and quotes from the people you have chosen. Describe how Americans have reacted to these people.

Essay Topic 2

One theme of the book may ask the question "what is the point of life?".

A) Has this question been answered for you? Why or why not? How could it have been done better?

B) What is your answer to the point of living? Or is there one?

C) What idea was Kosinski trying to get across? Did he accomplish his goal?

Essay Topic 3

Is there any symbolism in the character of black Louise? If so, elaborate upon who or what she symbolizes. If not, explain her reason for being in the story.

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