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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Rand ask Chance to think over?

2. What is Chance's reaction when Mr. Franklin asks him is he intends to make a claim against the estate?

3. What happens to Chance soon after he begins walking around?

4. How does the woman explain her nickname?

5. What did Chance believe he could do just by turning the TV dial?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 3, Chance has second thoughts about leaving the house. Where does he go?

2. Why can't the new maid in the Old Man's house vouch for Chance belonging there?

3. At what point in Chapter 2 does Chance realize things will now change?

4. After reading Chapter One, do you believe that Chance has the capacity to feel emotion?

5. When Chance is hit by the limousine and Mrs. Rand steps out, what is familiar about her to Chance?

6. Readers discover how Chance got his name in Chapter 1. How did he get his name?

7. In Chapter 1, when Chance is in the garden, what is his mood?

8. In Chapter 1, readers understand that Chance does exactly as he is told by the Old Man? Why is this?

9. What surprises Chance about the outside world once he has left the Old Man's home?

10. Why is Mr. Rand so impressed at dinner with Chance's description of having a suitable garden?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the beginning of the novel, Chance is thinking about and comparing plants with people. By the end of the book, he is again in a garden but has no thoughts at all and feels nothing but peace. Considering all that has happened between the beginning and the end of the book, what occurs that finds Chance at peace with himself at the end? Be sure to include incidents from the story that can support your views.

Essay Topic 2

Thinking of Chauncey Gardiner being described as one of the most well-adjusted in America, think of the politicians on the American landscape of today's world.

Who is the most well-adjusted?

Who is the least well-adjusted?

Support your answers with facts and quotes from the people you have chosen. Describe how Americans have reacted to these people.

Essay Topic 3

Consider the characters of Chance and Chauncey Gardiner even though they are essentially the same person.

A) Compare and contrast the characters of Chance and Chauncey as seen through the eyes of others.

B) Why is it that Mr. Franklin does not remember where he has seen Chauncey before?

C) How is it that Chauncey's image disappears for Chance by the end of the book?

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