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Short Answer Questions

1. When Chance refers to the "room upstairs", he refers to the room he is presently occupying. What does Mr. Rand believe he means?

2. What happens to Chance when the limousine makes a sharp sudden stop?

3. What does the woman in the limousine understand Chance's name to be?

4. What do readers know about the fat maid?

5. What does EE offer Chance to help ease his pain?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why can't the new maid in the Old Man's house vouch for Chance belonging there?

2. Readers discover how Chance got his name in Chapter 1. How did he get his name?

3. Do you think Chance acted appropriately in response to the Old Man's death in Chapter 1?

4. How did Chance know when it was time for him to leave the study?

5. Chance notices the TV in the rear of the car and asks if it works. Why does EE assume that he wants to watch TV at a time like this?

6. Why does Chance wear sunglasses to meet with the lawyer and his assistant?

7. Why is it that Chance does not appear in any of Mr. Franklin's records?

8. After reading Chapter One, do you believe that Chance has the capacity to feel emotion?

9. In Chapter 3, Chance has second thoughts about leaving the house. Where does he go?

10. In Chapter 1, readers understand that Chance does exactly as he is told by the Old Man? Why is this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author, Jerzy Kosinski, is originally from Poland and was born in 1933. He has a Master's Degree in history and political science.

A) How would these facts about the author qualify him to write a well-thought out political satire?

B) What is the main political theme that the author is satirizing in the book?

Essay Topic 2

The view of existentialism can be construed to be a theme in the book.

A) Explain in your own words what the term existentialism means.

B) Write about its relationship to the story.

C) Give examples as to what parts of the story this comparison exists.

Essay Topic 3

In light of Mr. Franklin's not remembering who Chauncey is, what does this say about first impressions? How could this relate to racial profiling in a way? What could it be that made Chance so unmemorable then and such a media darling later in the book? Support your statements with scenes from the book.

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